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Ida’s custom fabrication of hand-crafted, award-winning automobiles sets the bar for imagination, quality and execution. Their cars have achieved everything from national hot rod acclaim, “Best in Show at SEMA” presented by Ford Motor Co., to Pebble Beach award-winning projects.

Porsche 964 Turbo


This beautiful 1992 Midnight Blue Metallic Porsche 964 Turbo was starting to show small signs of bubbling underneath the paint. Knowing there was more rust and corrosion beyond the surface, we disassembled the body to find structural deterioration. We removed all rusted metal and fabricated new pieces, welded and finished to undetectable replacements.

Notice the ABS block out panels installed into door and window openings to protect the inside from the work happening on the exterior. We then chemically Stripped all of the painted surfaces neutralized and sealed all Steel panels, and Urethane bumpers.

Epoxy encapsulation was let to fully cure before Spies Hecker sealers and colors were applied. Some prior repairs were improved upon and panels brought back to correct surfacing.

All genuine Porsche rubber, plastics and hardware were used upon reassembly. The Clear Coat was hand sanded to 8000 grit then polished to high finish.

The Turbo wheels were stripped repaired and coated, the satin black tailpipes were stripped and coated with high temp Cerakote, windshield wipers and select pieces of hardware, stripped and powder coated satin black.

This project was approximately a four month exterior restoration at Ida Automotive Inc.



Holman Moody Challenger III


1962 Ford Holman Moody Challenger III


289 Ford V8, 4 speed T-10 Transmission, 9″ Ford Locker differential


Howard Kroplick’s restored Holman Moody Challenger III Ford. It was one year ago this week that we went to do the pre-purchase inspection of the project and now it’s complete.
This car was an early concept for Ford Racing to put a V8 engine in a small bodied car to turn an inexpensive mass produced passenger car into a race car that could be competitive with purpose built race cars at the highest level. Seen on the track competing against cars like Ferrari GTOs , Porsches, Listers etc.

Holman Moody had a talent to rearrange Ford passenger car components, tweak, modify and massage pivot points, balances etc to perform instead of bolting on race car parts from a catalog.
The custom designed Fastback Roof, door skins, hood top and deck lid were all custom shaped out of aluminum. You can see in one of the images that a wooden Buck was developed to help in design and fabrication by metal craftsman Lujie Lesovsky in 1962.

As seen in Tom Cotter’s book “Holman Moody The Legendary Race Team” the Challenger III had a total of 6” removed from its overall height. 3” removed from the roof and 3” removed from the center of its body.

Unlike many modified race cars, special attention to body work was taken in this project for a very finished looking car complete with trim and finishing touches.

We thank Howard Kroplick for giving us the opportunity to help bring the one and only Holman Moody Challenger III back to its former glory.

Blue Mercury


1940 Mercury Custom three window


Shelby GT500 4 Cam v8 with supercharger dressed to look like a vintage Arden v8


A completely redesigned body with steerable front skirts and fully articulated belly pan.

Owner: Jack Kiely

Rootbeer Float


1949 Cadillac Coupe


LS Chevrolet V8


Stock bodied with two tone paint and upholstery

Owner: Carmine DiGiovanni

Winfield Roadster


1932 Ford Roadster


Ford Flathead V8 with original Ardun overhead Valve Conversion and S.Co.T. Supercharger, 3 speed transmission and Halibrand quick change rear differential


Hot Rod pioneer and legend Gene Winfield built and maintained this car for all of its owners dating back to 1948. This car was Mr. Winfield first “customer job”. In 1948 he filled and leaded the cowl vent for its first owner. In 1953, Gene built the car to the way its seen today with the exception of a few changes (Ardun Installation being one).

Owner: Rob Ida

IdaTude 930


1986 Porsche 930 Turbo


3.2 Flat 6 boxer with K27 turbocharger


Re-designed front and rear bumpers eliminating the accordion style bumpers . Fuel door mounted mirror, leather RS style interior with leather basket weave upholstery. Finished in “Blau Grau Hell” light grey paint.

Owner: Rob Ida Sold

Hemi Healy


1959 Austin Healey


354 Chrysler Hemi V8 with 671 GMC supercharger


In 1968 Bob Ida and his young cousin Vinny Quarato built a lower and lighter replacement to the previous BB/GS racer Willys sedan. The “Hemi Healy” proved to be a bit too short and radical as it stood straight up on its rear bumper. It was soon retired and sent of to the junk yard. In 2015 its was found and restored for Bob’s 70th Birthday.

Owner: Bob Ida



1940 Willys


L88 Big Block Chevy 427 Hilborn mechanical stack Injection, 727 Pushbutton Transmission, 1957 Oldsmobile rear differential


A period perfect restoration of an A/GS Gasser that ran in 1967 and 1968.

Owner: Al Wester

Our past is what defines us.

We pride ourselves on unique and tasteful execution in creating vehicles and components that cannot be found elsewhere. Through our past builds, we’ve refined our skills to create some of the highest quality custom cars in the industry today.


Our primary focus here is to get it right, no matter what we’re building.


Whether turning heads at events like the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show, or dropping jaws on the 18th fairway at Pebble Beach, there’s no secret that incredible skill, patience planning and execution create unique and timesless pieces of art.